Mass Comm Week closes its books on its 29th annual conference

Written by Paul Rodriguez

The Mass Comm Week at Texas State just wrapped up! We had several speakers come to this year’s event including Brant Freeman, Lynn Walsh, Norma Lujan, and Pablo Mercado as the keynote speakers.

Other sessions included a panel of individuals from the Scoremore team that creates festivals like JMBLYA, Ogden Payne, who gave students an insight into the music industry, and numerous other industry professionals in the fields of advertising, public relations, digital and electronic media, and journalism.

This year’s conference was put together with the help of eight student interns, one graduate student, and one lecturer from The School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

If you missed your chance to attend any sessions this year, check out the live streams available on our Facebook page.

Fall 2020 will be the 30th anniversary of Mass Comm Week. Dates will be announced in the Spring of 2020.

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