Advertising Big Brands: How YETI Built its Brand

By: Wesley Higgins


SAN MARCOS-McGarrah Jessee account supervisor Lucas Lane came to Texas State’s Mass Comm Week Tuesday to discuss his experiences in advertising and working with companies such as YETI.

Lane has been an account supervisor for McGarrah Jessee for 10 years and described his company as a branding firm rather than an ad agency. Lane has worked with companies such as Whataburger, YETI, Frost and Costa, overseeing digital, print, photography and video work.

Lane described a brand as a way for customers to interact with a company.

“A brand is any way and every way a customer interacts with a company,” Lane said. “It is more than just a logo.”

Lane told students that McGarrah Jessee works to go deep and as far as possible to display a brand. Creating new ways to reach customers includes billboards, books, packaging, and product design like the iconic Whataburger table tent.

Lane is also responsible for leading the planning for YETI’s first flagship retail store design in Austin. Lane said the store gives customers an opportunity to experience the brand.

“It takes a lot of effort to reach out to customers,” Lane said. “But when you do it, you really resonate with someone.”

Students like advertising major Matt Green enjoyed the information they took away about an ever-changing market that requires advertisers to find new ways to evolve and resonate with customers.

“I took away that you always need to pay attention to the brand and how the brand is always changing,” Green said. “You need to stay aware of how to adapt to change and to stay competitive.”

Lane explained to students it is important to have more than just a good product to be able to be unique. Lane used his experience working for YETI as an example of how to stand out from similar companies and product.

“We had to convince someone to buy a multi-hundred dollar cooler,” Lane said. “All you have is a brand and bringing it to life is important.”

Advertising professor Clay Craig said it is important for students to experience Mass Comm Week and to hear what professionals like Lane have to say about the industry.

“You get to understand how a brand can evolve and change like from his experience with YETI,” Craig said. “And how the true applications of the things we cover in class can transcend into the real world.”

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