Mass Comm Week ’15: October 19-23

Kick off your career by interacting with the pros during our annual week of cutting-edge advice and information. Panelists and guest speakers include alumni who were in your shoes yesterday and are leading the professions today: advertising, digital and electronic media, journalism and public relations. So who’s coming to Mass Comm Week? A sneak preview: Domingo Martinez, journalist and author […]

Texas Tribune CEO discusses publication, future of journalism

Despite the popular belief that the journalism field offers a dwindling number of jobs, Texas Tribune’s CEO Evan Smith said he believes now is the most “optimistic and hopeful” time in the field. Journalism has exploded in the last few years, creating chaos in the industry, Smith said to students Tuesday morning in Centennial Hall as a part of a Mass Comm […]

Texas Tribune CEO answers student questions for Mass Comm Week

By Juliette Moak Texas Tribune CEO and Editor Evan Smith spoke to students today on the topics of bipartisan journalism and technology skills for emerging journalists. The Tribune, a nonprofit that seeks to engage and inform the Texas electorate through the use of  interactive data, is an example of a new journalism model that employs the use of technology in storytelling.“The […]

Evan Smith Talks About Interactive Storytelling During TXST Mass Comm Week

Texas State Students preparing for Evan Smith’s panel during Mass Comm Week by whipping out their phones. Jon Zmikly, introducing Evan Smith during Texas State’s Mass Comm Week. Evan smith, left, before starting his panel at Texas State’s Mass Comm Week. Jon Zmikly, moderator of the Evan Smith panel, troubleshooting the live video broadcast during Mass Comm Week. Evan Smith […]