Texas State graduate students convene to offer advice for those considering a graduate degree

By John Hernandez jeh153@txstate.edu SAN MARCOS, Texas – A Mass Comm Week panel of Texas State graduate students discussed their paths to graduate school and emphasized the value of real-world experience before pursuing a postgraduate degree. The panelists at the “Timing is Everything: What I Need from My Grad Degree” event in Old Main began by explaining their journeys to […]

Telling the Untold Stories

Picture an Italian American. Now, picture a Texan Italian American. Documentary filmmaker Sergio Carvajal-Leoni said he wants to give Texans, and everyone, a picture of the Italian American culture in Central Texas. “We’re not telling our own stories,” he said, adding that people come from other places, like California, to tell the “Texas” story. Carvajal-Leoni’s stories focus on hyperlocalized and […]

Samantha Grant talks ‘A Fragile Trust’ and Jayson Blair

Samantha Grant starts a conversation on ethics in journalism with ‘A Fragile Trust’ By James Palmer In 2013, Samantha Grant, filmmaker and CEO of GUSH Productions, created a documentary based around the actions of a reporter, Jayson Blair, during his employment at the New York Times. However, Grant’s focus was not in the scandal surrounding a supposed sociopath, but in […]

Why go to grad school?

Many college students are faced with one of the most difficult decisions of their lives around junior or senior year: to go to graduate school or to not go to graduate school? Four Texas State graduate students spoke to a room of undergraduates looking for advice about this confusing time and complicated decision. Above (left to right): Carly Smith, Dale […]

Why go to grad school?

Four Texas State graduates are scheduled to talk about their experience with graduate school and to offer up advice for students considering applying. Among them are Dale Blasingame, Carly Smith, Mairin Heard, and Josh Shepherd. Dale (left) is a two-time Emmy award-winning television producer and current graduate student at Texas State University. He spent nine years at News 4 WOAI […]