Author teaches students how to create personal brand

Author teaches students how to create personal brand

By Kasandra Garza

Texas State University’s Mass Comm Week continued Tuesday with events about marketing tools and analyzing legislation for political writing.

The “Brand You!: Getting Ready to Get a Job in the 21st Century” event featured an author, whose book is under the same title, who discussed the importance of creating a personal brand and improving multimedia skills. 

Bruce Bendinger said he’s made a living the last few decades by using “older methods”, such as having a team of people who specialized in a specific field. He said to be a journalist today, students need to know how to do all aspects of journalism, including how to take a photograph and record a video.

Students are listening to Bendinger talk about his personal experiences.
Students listened to Bendinger talk about his personal experiences.

“No longer is media the property of a media class,” Bendinger said. “It’s something everyone can be a part of.”

Bendinger shared tips with students on how to create a brand and a portfolio. Bendinger said a few things students should learn now is to say “hello” and make connections with people along the way.

Bendinger said online presence is important when trying to get a job. He added that students should be using all forms of social media to promote their work. 

Micheal Devlin, assistant professor of advertising, said it’s important for students in any area of mass communication to start selling themselves and that it’s no longer enough to submit a resumé.

When developing a brand, Bendinger said colors and visuals should be used, such as wearing certain clothing that stands out.

“Your brand should be something about you that will set you apart,” Bendinger said.

Jonathan Check, journalism senior, attended the event and said the panel was not what he expected.

“I felt like Bendinger would go off on a tangent,” Check said. “For example, he answered my question and it seemed kind of jumbled and confusing to me.”

Erin DeWitt, digital and electronic media senior, also attended the event and said she learned that branding yourself in a positive manner is important for a future career.

“I heard a lot of what I already know which is to keep a good online presence,” DeWitt said. “It was a bit repetitive but I learned a lot about how to improve my unique brand.”

Mass Comm Week will continue through Oct. 28.

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