Gary Cooper speaks to students at Texas State University

Gary Cooper came to speak during Texas State University’s Mass Comm Week Thursday.

The session, “From South Texas to Univision: One Step at a Time…,” was an insight to Cooper’s success story and his perseverance in the process. The audience was a mixture of high school students from Laredo’s Vidal M. Trevino School of Communication and Fine Arts and Texas State University students and faculty members.

Cooper shared many of his work experiences including things like going to Miami in 2013 to cover the Miami vs Spurs game to the first time he encountered a dead body. Despite the unfortunate situations Cooper said “it’s a rollercoaster of emotions, there is so much stress, so many great people, so many jerks, but everyday is an adventure, and I can’t picture myself doing anything else because I have and it sucked.”

Imari Mora, an electronic media major and Spanish minor at Texas State University, said that she “enjoyed the real life experiences [Gary Cooper] shared with us and the fact that we will never stop learning.”

Alison Bryce, journalism major and writing minor, said that Cooper’s event turned out even better than she expected.

“He made it more personal by the way he interacted with us. He made it seem like he was on the same level as us,” said Bryce.

Cooper gave a motivational message to students about work ethic and the importance of internships.

“Don’t give up because there are thousands of kids just like you. It just depends on who wants it more,” said Cooper.

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Gary Cooper, anchor/ video journalist, speaking to Texas State University students and Laredo’s Vidal M. Trevino School of Communication and Fine Arts student’s at Texas State University. The event, From South Texas to Univision……One Step at a Time, was held October 27, 2016. Picture by: Jordan Azcue Pictured: Gary Cooper and Laredo high school students.

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