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People magazine reporter visits Mass Comm Week

People magazine reporter visits Mass Comm Week

By Estela Perez

People magazine reporter, Elaine Aradillas, made an appearance at Texas State University’s Mass Comm Week to share her experiences on the path that led her to work at a national publication.

The session was held for success-driven mass communication students to listen to the stories of a professional whom had climbed up the ladder to writing articles for a national publication.

One tip Aradillas mentioned was for an applicant to showcase any type of skill they have when applying for a job opportunity.

“The ability to post on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram all at the same time is an asset,” Aradillas said.

The importance of bragging about any skills an applicant has was stressed and so was the importance that skills will continue to develop as a career grows for that person.

However, it is best not to get too comfortable in one place for long if that person wants to move up.

“If you are trying to move up, you should not be at the same place for more than two to three years,” Aradillas said.

There will eventually be no more room for growth if a reporter stays at a job where they had already got all they could get out of it.

For a writer who is just starting to get his/her foot in the door, they should start saying yes to everything and try internships in different fields to see what work atmospheres they like or dislike.

“If you get an internship anywhere, just say yes,” Aradillas said.

Aradillas said that a person’s definition of success does change over time so do not be afraid to venture out, try new areas of writing and be passionate enough to make your dreams come true.

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