Nick Whitaker talks about how Google is still changing the world

By Louis Zylka Technology is always changing, and journalists must learn how to change with it in order to keep the world spinning and informed. Texas State’s Mass Comm Week centers on teaching students how to thrive in a world where journalism is always changing. Nick Whitaker, training and development manager for Google’s News Lab, spoke Wednesday about how […]

Nick Whitaker: Google News Lab tools of the trade

By Morgan Mitchell San Marcos, TX – Nick Whitaker presented at Mass Comm Week 2016 Wednesday on Google News Lab and other evolving technologies. Whitaker, a product marketing manager at Google, spoke to students during Mass Comm Week on three separate occasions. Each time he spoke about the tools that Google offers as well as a program offered to assist […]

Google Development Director Speaks to Mass Comm students at Texas State University

By Madeleine Page Training Development Manager of Google News Lab, Nick Whitaker, visited Mass Comm week at Texas State University on Wednesday to inform students of the various tools Google provides for journalists. Whitaker informs journalists around the world about Google News Lab and the accessible and useful services it provides for storytelling. Whitaker said that Google News Lab […]

Learning the tools of Google

By Alison Bryce, After only being off the plane in Austin for less than a hour, Nick Whitaker, training and development manager at Google spoke to students in Old Main about his job, as well as different tools Google supplies and insight on how to use them. Whitaker and his team at Google News Lab work toward helping journalists […]

Google News Lab provides tools for journalists

By Darcy Sprague Nicholas Whitaker discussed Google’s tools for journalists for Texas State University’s Mass Comm Week just an hour after he stepped off a plane at Austin Bergstrom International airport. Whitaker, Google training and development manager, highlighted tools like 360 degree video/photo, virtual reality, Google trends and Google Scholar. “For me this is really exciting, but for journalists now […]